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FREE Getting Started Workshop

Thursday, April 19, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM No Convention registration is necessary for this workshop ONLY!
For those who are thinking of homeschooling or those just starting, this is the class for you! An in-depth extensive workshop with everything from why homeschool to how to homeschool. For those who have homeschooled a few years it can also be helpful to be inspired as well as get a few new ideas.


The workshops are an essential component of the convention for registered attendees. Workshops are presented by keynote speakers, featured speakers, ministering exhibitors, and experienced parents from the home school community. They are designed to train, inspire and encourage. In addition to the skills involved in teaching, relationships are key to lifestyle discipleship. We are confident there will be something for everyone.

Workshop Schedule

The 2018 workshop schedule will be posted by April 1st.


Workshop Handouts – 2018

The 2018 workshop handouts will be posted by April 19th.

******Handouts for Workshops only available online*******


******Handouts will “NOT” be printed at the Convention*******

We encourage you to print these for the workshops you plan on attending. Previewing the handouts will give you an inside track to what the workshop will be covering!

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