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Why should I attend the Convention?

None of us know it all, and we need to keep learning right alongside our kids.

We can always do better, so we should!

  • Great fun and fellowship
  • The blessing of being surrounded with hundreds of families as devoted to their families as you (and struggling with the same challenges)
  • Renew your vision
  • Sharpen your skills
  • Glean new ideas and learn to solve problems
  • Examine curriculum and talk to exhibitors (and save on shipping)
  • Buy curriculum
  • Gain perspective (the BIG picture)

Should I come every day?

Yes, if you can.

It’s the best bang for your buck because sessions are never repeated, and there’s never enough time to see it all, hear it all, learn it all, process it all, let alone share and make new friends. And then there’s the SHOPPING! Come early for worship at the general sessions, too; it will open your heart and mind to receive everything God has for you.

Is there a one-day pass?

Nope. One price for the whole enchilada…

Space, crowds, scheduling, planning…we have lots of great reasons to provide the package. Partial scholarships are also available.

Can I bring my kids?

Yes.  If you have young children, we ask that you sit in the rear of the workshop. The workshops are recorded and noises that precious children make can sometimes interfere with the recording. An age-appropriate program for children is a provided by LKidz Legacy Church Ministry that coincides with the convention. You may register your children when you register for the convention at We include a few workshops of special interest to the younger people attending, but our focus is serving parent educators. Please do not leave any children under the age of 10 unattended at any time inside or outside the convention premises.

There is a concurrent Children’s Program, so they can come home refreshed and blessed, too.

Dependent nursing babies will be admitted free.

Can I just pay to get into the exhibit hall?


Visiting the Exhibit Hall is one of the benefits of registering for the convention, and more than just a place to shop. The exhibitors’ websites and contact information will be posted on the website as they confirm.

How can I speak at a workshop?

The workshops are all selected very early in the year, and the schedule is usually full before registration opens. We request topic, outline, references, and an audio recording. Contact CAPE if you are interested.

Are food or drinks allowed?

Water bottles are allowed throughout the facility. Food is only allowed in certain areas which are not carpeted. There are many restaurants available within the nearby area.

Will there be recordings available of the sessions?

The sessions are available in MP3 format. They will be available for sale at the convention and following the convention on the CAPE website.

How can I help the ministry of CAPE?

We only need three (Count ‘em, ONLY THREE) things…time, talent, and treasure.

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The convention is produced entirely by volunteers, and the year-round ministry of CAPE-NM is led and served by many volunteers. If you have a heart for Christian homeschool ministry, we can match your gifts and talents to a place of service. We just need to get acquainted. Contact a board member or the convention Volunteer Coordinator

Any contribution to CAPE is tax deductible, and we have many ways to use those contributions. You may include a financial gift when you join or renew your CAPE membership online, or mail one to our Moriarty office. If you would like information on specific needs, we have a wish list we could share with you.

PRAYER: Every ministry needs intercession and spiritual warfare. Home education is a direct assault on the enemy’s plans for the next generation, and stirs up opposition in ways you can only imagine. We would be grateful for your prayers all year ‘round, and would be happy to send you a list of specific prayer requests. PRAYER takes time, develops talents, and is actually the greatest and most enduring treasure.

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