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CAPE at the Capitol



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CAPE @ the Capitol is an event sponsored by CAPE-NM in which we annually bring the face of Home Education to the legislature and give homeschool families a great, purposeful field trip.  This day is a time to recognize the Governor’s annual official proclamation of Homeschool Week in New Mexico.

On February 2nd, 2023, we will celebrate the 26th year that homeschool families from all across New Mexico have convened in Santa Fe at the state capitol building (known as the Roundhouse), to celebrate Home Education Week in New Mexico and to meet and greet state legislators.

CAPE-NM encourages homeschooling families to communicate with their representatives and start to build a relationship.  Below are some resources that will help you with that. will take you to the visitor page of the Legislative website.  Although the Capitol is not welcoming visitors at this time, you can scroll down and watch some short videos to take tours of the legislative process, the Capitol artwork, and the Buchanan Gardens.  This page also has some tutorial videos regarding tracking your representatives and legislation – noted below.  NM Handbook is a handbook that you can use to introduce the Capitol and facts about the state and the legislative process to your children.

As noted above, has some links to help you find out who your representatives are and to contact them.  Also, you can find out info about bills that are currently under consideration and sign up for MyRoundhouse, which is an individual site that you can use to track policies that are of interest or are important to you.  This site can be individualized just for your family.

If you would like more information on bills that affect homeschooling in NM and Christian values in general – so that you know how to pray and when to take action to contact your representatives and let your voice be heard, you can sign up for one of the following alerts:
Family Policy Alliance
NM Alliance for Life (Note: This website is somewhat outdated, but you can subscribe to the alerts which are current and not you can note that there are yearly battles.)

From these pages you can learn:
*  Which key bills are being introduced, when, and what the potential impact is to homeschool families and Christian values
*  Alerts when urgent action is required – so we can lift up these needs to God Almighty and so we can contact our legislators
*  Understand legislative results (+/-) so we can lift them before God Almighty

What action can you and your family take this year for this legislative session? PRAY!

We also are encouraging each homeschool group and community to connect and pray for your community and city and state.

Here are links to the full roster of House of Representatives and Senators for the 2022 NM session.

Find your legislator by clicking HERE.

As you contact your representatives, here is a general introduction template along with our CAPE @ the Capitol Brochure to introduce them to the Homeschool community.

Thank you for standing with CAPE-NM and other Homeschoolers to be an active voice to let our leaders know where we stand and how we would like them to vote in their role as our representatives.



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