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To Whom It May Concern

CAPE has published a memorandum for legally established homeschools. Page one is a polite letter explaining that homeschooling is legal in New Mexico and fulfills the requirements of the state compulsory education law. Page two has the relevant statutes. Click to download the PDF: Memorandum Legal HS 4-12

Education Resource Center

The Education Resource Center is a ministry of Grace Baptist Chapel to the homeschool families of the Albuquerque metro area and the entire state of New Mexico. For more information, click HERE and download the PDF.
The ERC offers the Stanford Achievement Tests every spring. Click HERE to see the ERC’s 2012 Testing Letter.

Testing Information

Here are answers to your testing questions!

Should homeschooled students be tested? Click HERE.

Who should make the testing decisions? Click HERE.

For a directory of testing options and resources, click HERE.

Wanted: Bill Detectives

The Legislative Session begins annually in January, but bills may be introduced as early as mid-December. Help protect the entire homeschool community by helping us watch for legislation. Contact CAPE at if you are willing to help.

Legislative Volunteer Information

Help CAPE locate and extinguish little political fires before they burn out of control. Join the fire brigade! It takes all of us, working together to keep New Mexico safe for homeschooling. We want to protect the right of every fit parent to direct the education and upbringing of their children. Every family can pray, and will be interested in doing just a little more. Learn about the possibilities by clicking HERE.

Do I need an accredited program to homeschool through high school?

There are so many variables to consider when choosing curriculum. Click HERE for help deciding if you should consider an accredited program.

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