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Logan W. Koerner

Logan W. Koerner

The Brother I’ve Always Had

I have been raised in a Christian household my entire life and was baptized at age six. I have had faith in God as long as I can remember. However, I was not faced with many spiritual challenges until later; harder ones started appearing in my early teen years.

When I was eight, my best friend was going through some hard things and a councilor told our parents that we should not see each other anymore; but God was there for us both and we are like sisters to this day.

Moving into teenage years was a difficult time for me, friends moved away or went to different schools, but God kept some of the best friends I could have by my side and helped connect me with new ones. I also had a wonderful Bible class during that time. We read the whole Bible in four years and had good faith-based discussions. Throughout middle school and high school, I have had problems with worry and ennui, but coming back to God has always gotten me through times of stress and sadness.

I am blessed with the best parents ever, but I am an only child and had always wanted a sibling, and I was praying once and said something along the lines of “Jesus, thank You. You are like the older Brother I never had!” He reminded me that He is the Brother I have always had. He has always been a comfort and solution to all my problems, and has given me so many wonderful mentors, family, and friends that I can rely on.

I hope to always live my life the way God made me to. He has given me so much. As I move into the next chapter of my life, adulthood, I am trusting in Him to guide me in the way I should go.

Logan W. Koerner, Homeschool Graduate 2022

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