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Austin M.Brainard

Austin M. Brainard

What Jesus Means to Me

To me Jesus means peace, freedom, love, joy, and hope. These things help me in my daily life to keep living for Jesus and to be more like Him.

First, Jesus means peace to my heart. When I’m going through a rough valley, He brings peace during conflict and saves the relationships I have with my family. I have faith that He will continue to bring peace into my life even when I’m going through a valley. I shall not fear for Jesus is with me.

Secondly, to me Jesus means freedom. His death on the cross saves me from all sin and the ungodliness of this world. Because of Him, I am free from struggling and suffering in sin. When I am tempted, He will provide a way out so that I can endure it.

Thirdly, Jesus means love. It is because of the love of our Savior that I can love others the way He loves me. I strive to treat others with love even when they don’t deserve it.

The fourth thing Jesus means to me is joy! The moments I feel joy from Jesus are the best moments of my life. I remember the happiness that He brings me after overcoming something that I never thought I would. His blessings are even more joyful. When I think about how awesome my friends and family are, I feel very blessed.

Finally, Jesus means hope for my life and that no matter what’s thrown at me, He will be there to help me. When I’m losing hope there is only one hope–Jesus Christ my Savior! I am fearfully and wonderfully made by the one true King.

Austin M.Brainard Homeschool Graduate 2022

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